J&A Concrete Lifting

Your concrete lifting experts

J&A Concrete Lifting

Your concrete lifting experts

When you call J&A Concrete Lifting, Jimmy will be the one to answer the phone and come to your home to ensure that everything is done right. With years of experience servicing Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Summit, Wasatch and Tooele counties we can handle any concrete leveling job you bring to us.

How It Works

Drill Holes

Step 1:

We begin by strategically drilling 1.5" holes, about the size of a quarter, to ensure we reach all the voids and lift the correct areas

Lift Concrete

Step 2:

A sand based slurry, infused with portland cement, is hydraulically pumped through the holes. As the voids are filled the pressure of the filling begins to lift the slab


Fill Holes

Step 3:

After we have finished leveling your concrete, we patch the holes with new cement. We recommend waiting a few hours to allow the patches to completely dry